Created to Impress
The most flawless accessory a woman can add to her look is her confidence.
Once embarked upon a journey of haute couture designs, Omur Inn is now starting a new chapter and reaching out to global with her fresh wedding & gown designs.
Following her trainings in business, communication and fashion fields, Omur Inn and her passionate team are sewing to build woman’s confidence since 2004.

Coming to life in the hands of a talented fashion house, Omur Inn collection is the epitome of the most exquisite handcraft. An elegance so unique; pure yet graceful. It’s created to impress. This team of nearly 100 talented people with the same goal are creating Omur Inn designs for 200 spots in 15 countries all over the world.
Traditional Beauty
Time is for beauty. Graceful patterns and exclusive fabrics are dancing in sync with the feminine figure. An Omur Inn design is like a silent and gracious traveler of the sea at night; glimmering to brighten up the faces of vıewers at the sea shore.